International Trade Show For Plastics,
Petrochemicals, Packaging & Rubber Industry

15-18 November 2021
Dubai World Trade Centre,
Dubai, UAE



15-18 November 2021, DWTC, Dubai

15th International Trade Show
For Plastics, Petrochemicals,
Packaging & Rubber Industry



Official Media Partner

Neoplast Engineering Private Limited

Exhibitor Details

Stand Number : 6B112

Neoplast Engineering Private Limited

Company Profile

Neoplast has been operating in the plastics sector since 1973. During these 4 Decades it has reached many important milestones. While in the beginning the company concentrated on the development of plastic processing technology, it later adopted a strategy of specialization in transformation process. Now it has extended its areas of expertise to include a number of sectors. Neoplast is a specialist for automated handling of raw materials.

At Neoplast quality and innovation is a way of life and thus the R&D is given much due importance. The company has a dedicated team of professionals that has been instrumental in this success. However, it is Neoplast’s customers, who have the greatest share in its success. Their trust in getting the perfect solution for their specific requirements and their confidence in Neoplast’s state-of-the-art technology has made Neoplast what it is today.

What started as a small structured family-owned enterprise is now acknowledged as most renowned, reputed and reliable partner for the various industries. Neoplast has won its customers continued trust by always providing them with a “perfect solution to their specific requirements”, and this has helped Neoplast to emerge as a market leader.

Last but not the least…Neoplast is committed to work towards its goal, that of attaining global leadership in the manufacturing of machinery and equipment for the industry.

Product Classification : A. – Raw Materials, Auxiliaries, C.1.1 – Compounding lines, C.1.10 – Pelletizers, C.1.11 – Recycling lines, C.1.17 – Two roll mills, C.1.3 – Mixers, C.1.5 – Mixers, batch type, for solids, C.1.7 – Mixers, continuous type for solids, C.1.8 – Other mixers, C.1.9 – PE Recycled Pellets, C.2.10 – Extruders, single screw type, C.2.11 – Extruders, twin screw type, C.2.14 – Extrusion lines, C.2.20 – Extrusion lines for pipe and profiles, C.2.55 – Presses, C.2.7 – Extruder Machine, C.2.8 – Extruders, C.2.9 – Extruders and extrusion lines, C.7.21 – Handling technology, C.7.38 – Pneumatic conveyors, C.7.40 – Screw conveyors, C.7.41 – Silos, C.7.8 – Conveyor Components, C.7.9 – Conveyors, C.8.2 – Degassing systems
Product Classification :
A. - Raw Materials, Auxiliaries
  • C.1.1 - Compounding lines
  • C.1.10 - Pelletizers
  • C.1.11 - Recycling lines
  • C.1.17 - Two roll mills
  • C.1.3 - Mixers
  • C.1.5 - Mixers, batch type, for solids
  • C.1.7 - Mixers, continuous type for solids
  • C.1.8 - Other mixers
  • C.1.9 - PE Recycled Pellets
  • C.2.10 - Extruders, single screw type
  • C.2.11 - Extruders, twin screw type
  • C.2.14 - Extrusion lines
  • C.2.20 - Extrusion lines for pipe and profiles
  • C.2.55 - Presses
  • C.2.7 - Extruder Machine
  • C.2.8 - Extruders
  • C.2.9 - Extruders and extrusion lines
  • C.7.21 - Handling technology
  • C.7.38 - Pneumatic conveyors
  • C.7.40 - Screw conveyors
  • C.7.41 - Silos
  • C.7.8 - Conveyor Components
  • C.7.9 - Conveyors
  • C.8.2 - Degassing systems
Hall Number : 7

Contact Info

Person Name : Mr. Hitesh Shah
Email :
Tel No : +9179 40194030 – 34
Mobile No : +919825067226

Address :

A-7, Safal Profitaire, Nr. Auda Garden, Corporate Road, Prahaladnagar, Ahmedabad – 380015, India


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