International Trade Show For Plastics,
Petrochemicals, Packaging & Rubber Industry

15-18 November 2021
Dubai World Trade Centre,
Dubai, UAE



15-18 November 2021, DWTC, Dubai

15th International Trade Show
For Plastics, Petrochemicals,
Packaging & Rubber Industry



Official Media Partner

Macchi SPA

Exhibitor Details

Stand Number : 7A100

Macchi SPA

Company Profile

Founded in 1961, Macchi was one of the first equipment manufacturers worldwide to concentrate on blown film extrusion. Since the start, we have focused our efforts on improving and developing the co-extrusion technology and the many achievements acquired have confirmed our company to be one of the market leaders in this domain. The primary reason of this success is the dedication to quality and reliability of the product and the emphasis on equipment flexibility and versatility.

Today Macchi can count on a wide manufacturing program, from the monolayer to the Coex® 9 layers lines, we can offer solutions with the most updated technology with various level of automation to meet different customer needs.

Outstanding characteristic of our lines is the versatility, which makes possible to produce high quality film of the most different types; several references in this direction can be shown in the five continents.

Attentive to the after-sale service, Macchi has structured itself internationally. With a widespread network of agents and offices in the US India and Russia, we can be “locally worldwide” to supply always a prompt answer to our customers’ requests.

In line with the company claim, “innovating film extrusion” Macchi is continuously engaged to developing new solutions, to produce high quality film, combining productivity with efficiency, safety and design.

Product Classification : A. – Raw Materials, Auxiliaries, B.4.10 – Film Extrusion Line, B.4.15 – LDPE Blown Film, B.4.2 – Blow Film Making Machine, B.4.9 – Film Blowing Machine, C.1.11 – Recycling lines, C.2.10 – Extruders, single screw type, C.2.14 – Extrusion lines, C.2.15 – Extrusion lines for blown flim, C.2.46 – Other extrusion lines, C.2.7 – Extruder Machine, C.2.8 – Extruders, C.2.9 – Extruders and extrusion lines, C.3.25 – Winding equipment
Product Classification :
A. - Raw Materials, Auxiliaries
  • B.4.10 - Film Extrusion Line
  • B.4.15 - LDPE Blown Film
  • B.4.2 - Blow Film Making Machine
  • B.4.9 - Film Blowing Machine
  • C.1.11 - Recycling lines
  • C.2.10 - Extruders, single screw type
  • C.2.14 - Extrusion lines
  • C.2.15 - Extrusion lines for blown flim
  • C.2.46 - Other extrusion lines
  • C.2.7 - Extruder Machine
  • C.2.8 - Extruders
  • C.2.9 - Extruders and extrusion lines
  • C.3.25 - Winding equipment
Hall Number : 7

Contact Info

Person Name : Alessandra Tomasini
Email :
Tel No : +39 0331827717

Address :

Via Papa Paolo VI, 5 21040 Venegono Inferiore Varese, Italy


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